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Better value for money.

Better value for money.

Our customers pay up to 50% less than the traditional retail price because we’re more efficient.

We believe the link between price and quality is broken. High price no longer means better quality. Too often you, the customer, pay a higher price than you should for products of inferior fabric and finishing.

Why? Because in fashion, there are too many middle-men all adding layers of cost, which gets passed down to you. We’re here to change that, delivering better design and quality at a better price. We can do this because we work hard at being efficient.

Operating efficiently.

Operating efficiently.

We have spent years optimising our supply chain to take out middle-men. We go directly to source on manufacturing and fabrics. We minimise transportation expenses. We do not work with wholesalers, distribution agents and sourcing agents who all add cost.

We are looking to build a direct relationship with you to learn what you need so we can create products you actually need and want. All this means that the price you pay for every Zaggora product is for the quality, not for our inefficiencies.

Keeping things in house.

Keeping things in house.

We design each product in London with awareness of your need for comfort and versatility in mind. Our production experts on the ground ensure everything is manufactured to exceptional quality with the best materials and finest finishing.

Active Fashion for Modern Women

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